Loneliness and kindness and other big issues…

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    I really enjoyed this book. I hope you did too.
    The things I liked:
    1. Eleanor – she made me laugh out loud and, even though she wouldn’t think she was being funny, somehow I didn’t feel like I was laughing at her but with her. That’ll be the clever writing I suppose.
    2. The descriptions of just how very isolated she was even though she did have a job and colleagues and people around her. I can think of a number of oddball characters that I have met who find it similarly difficult to integrate socially. It was poignant to look at the situation from their point of view rather than my own.
    3. The mystery of her mother. I loved how this theme developed and I was surprised by the ending even though there were bits and pieces that didn’t quite ring true in the mother’s sections. I don’t tend to think ahead when I’m reading and I wasn’t looking for a twist.
    4. The Crush. Eleanor’s inability to interpret the character of the Crush from his tweets was delicious but I did catch myself worrying that she was going to get hurt and that’s when I realised that I quite liked her.
    4. The kindness. Just being kind can make all the difference.
    Things I liked less.
    1. Once I’d decided that she was damaged and not autistic, I found some of her social faux pas a bit overdone. I find it hard to believe that someone would have got to adulthood and not understand the conventions of buying a drink, for example. It was funny to start with but then it started to irritate me a little.
    2. Raymond. Bit too good to be true for me. Don’t get me wrong, he was beautifully drawn but would someone really keep coming back for more when they are so roundly rejected?
    3. Sammy’s family. Again my disbelief was well and truly suspended by how Eleanor is welcomed into Sammy’s family. I know she called an ambulance and all that but it felt a bit like a plot device rather than a conceivable storyline.
    Overall, I found it enjoyable and thought-provoking and perfect for a summer read.
    What did you think?

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