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    Hi everyone

    So, I’ve listened to this book twice now and my thoughts on it changed because obviously, I knew the twist second time round. On first reading, I thought it was your standard psychological thriller and I enjoyed it as such ( until I reached the twist.) I liked the voices, particularly Louise and I was intrigued by the ‘who is the bad one?’ storyline. I enjoyed the way that Pinborough kept dropping hints as to which of them (Adele or David) was the psychopath. I know it’s familiar territory but I thought she did it will and there was this odd, dream therapy thing going on as well to keep me on my toes. Adele seemed nice, and then she didn’t. She seemed controlled and then controlling.I couldn’t get a handle on her. David was steady all the way through and then I worked out that really, what I thought of him depended entirely on what the other characters told me.

    When I got to the end first time, I didn’t know what had hit me. I was cross first and I felt cheated. I know a bit about lucid dreaming but as far as I know, you can’t do any of that with it. Initially, it felt a bit like she had solved the mystery by breaking the rules – like suddenly having a twin in a murder story. But I was so confused by trying to work out what was going on that I forgave the author almost at once, suspended my disbelief and was totally overcome by a desire to work it all out as if it could actually have happened. And I wanted to talk to people about it – hence it appearing here.

    The second reading was different. This time, I spotted all the clues that Pinborough drops as we go along. Once you know that it’s actually Rob talking in the present tense sections, then a lot is explained. There is a distinct personality shift between the ‘Then’ Adele and the modern one which I kind of missed first time round and the hints at her mad plan become much easier to interpret once you actually know what’s going on. Then I could appreciate just how cleverly it’s plotted.

    So, despite the ludicrous premise, I loved it. I was happy to buy into the whole ‘leaving your body and inhabiting someone else’s’ idea for these purposes and once I did that, it is a great read. Clearly, the twist is the sales hook but I don’t mind that I was hooked. It made me think and I like a book that does that.

    And what about poor Adam! Someone should call Social Services quick!!

    Imogen x

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    Jane Garner

    I too felt cheated by the ending. How dare she throw in supernatural twist to tie up all the loose ends? I forgave the author because writing so suspenseful and loved the characterisation. I don’t plan on reading it again but a 2nd reading may signpost clues. I passed it onto pal who devoured it and did OMG at ending.

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    I’m glad you posted first Imogen because I admit too I did feel really cheated and grumpy at the end but didn’t want to be negative . I can see what you mean about rereading it with the benefit of hindsight as it would be good to read the behaviours of David & Adele knowing the ‘truth’ but I don’t think I will reread it ( funny enough I wondered if listening to it was a different experience – whether the narrator gave any clues with slight change voice or not? )
    I really liked the character of Louise and thought that was done well although I’m not sure now whether she was making really bad choices re David through her own weakness or through being somehow ‘willed’ by the ‘Adele’ character.
    I also did like the back story & friendship between Adele & Rob – though I’m confused who’s voice is being used to tell that !!
    I did think David’s relationship with Adele so young was a bit creepy anyway so didn’t feel so sorry for him though the twist that he isn’t actually the baddy is quite interesting .
    I read it really quickly and was very gripped by the story but I hated the fact there wasn’t a fabulous but rational explanation for it all at the end & I disliked the dream stuff – seemed a bit of a sinister plot line cop out rather than a satisfactory conclusion to such a well written mystery.
    Looking forward to the next recommendation though Imogen – I’d done too much listening instead of reading books over the last couple of years & had got out of a lifelong habit of always reading at night so this book club forum is ideal as it’s got me back on track thanks .

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    Thanks for your comments Jane and Steph. It is funny, isn’t it, what is acceptable to the reader? There are so many rules to follow for particular genres and if the writer breaks them then the reader isn’t always happy. I recently read a Jodie Picoult which did it too ( although that was ghosts.) I was crosser with that one than with this though. As I said, I did think that this ending was clever so I allowed my disbelief to be suspended just so that I could properly think about what had happened. I did feel a bit like she thought of the twist first and then wrote around it but perhaps that’s always what happens.

    I’m thinking about the next book and hoping to suggest one next Monday. I’m trying to go for a variety of genres so that there is something for everyone ( within reason!)


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    Jo Taylor

    I’ve just finished it (literally this afternoon). I too felt a little let down due to the fact that up until the final twist it was kind of believable. It did keep me guessing all the way through and I had many different suspicions. At one point I thought perhaps Adele and Louise were one and the same or perhaps David and Rob were. Didn’t guess the ending as I was totally unprepared for supernatural/science fiction elements. The lucid dreaming was already pushing it for me.

    I have been thinking about it alot since finishing it which says something and am also tempted to read it again with the benefit of insight.

    I would recommended it to others as an easy read that keeps you guessing right till the very end!

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    Hi Jo
    It seems that we are feeling the same about being a bit let down which I think is really interesting because it shows that as readers, we are expecting our books to stay within the rules of their genre. If you’re going to have a supernatural kind of ending then we need some warning.

    That said, I was so intrigued by the possibilities of the ending and how it altered whatI thought I knew about what had come before, that I managed to forgive her. It doesn’t sound like others could.

    Still, as you said, it made us think and possibly reread and we have all wanted to talk about it so to that extent I suppose it is ‘Mission Accomplished’ as far as the book is concerned.


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    Jo Taylor

    I have forgiven her now Imogen! It’s certainly made me think which is a good thing I always find. I had so many suspicions throughout the book; Adele and Louise are the same person, David and Rob are the same person, one or sll are ghosts, They are ALL one person with multiple personality. …. anD more. I never thought Adele and Rob though!

    One thing I am left wondering about. How did Adele really end up with that bruise to her face?

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    I assumed she did that to herself, maybe with the cupboard door for authenticity. Nasty piece of work, that Rob!!

    You’re very clever! It never crossed my mind that the characters might be each other. I was stuck at whether it was Adele or David that was telling the truth. I’m such a simple soul!

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