Imposter Syndrome and other labels.

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Lots of interesting news this week – from where I’m standing at least. Firstly, I sent out my very first newsletter – Jottings. Diving straight into someone’s Inbox is scary – I really don’t want to annoy or irritate anyone. So until now I just haven’t done it.

But over Christmas, I read Playing Big by Tara Mohr in an attempt to combat my terrible imposter syndrome ( which is the label for my fear I discovered – doesn’t everything have a label these days?) After reading that, I decided that if people didn’t want to hear from me they perhaps wouldn’t have signed up to my mailing list. Obvious really. ­čÖé

So, if you want to start getting my newsletters you need to fill in the Subscribe box and if you want a complete set then message me and I’ll email you the very first one!





I’ve also been very interested in what’s been going on on Facebook. (Here’s my Author Page in case you don’t see it.) I have always enjoyed spending time on Facebook and once likened it to going to a different dinner party every night. But recently things had changed. There has been so much stuff on my timeline that there was barely time to throw around a few ‘likes’ before the status drowned under a tsunami of adverts. As a result, the fun conversations and banter had all but disappeared.

Well, it seems I wasn’t alone in missing the old Facebook as now Mark Zuckerburg has announced some radical changes to what we will see on our timelines. This is great news from a personal point of view and I’m delighted ( although I suspect it’s less good for indie authors and other creatives seeking to promote their stuff.) Time will tell.

I discovered a new author last week. Marian Keyes – well, I’d heard of her of course but never read anything by her. So I’m listening to The Break and it’s making me laugh out loud in the┬ástreet. People have turned to stare! ┬áI think I shall have to try more of her stuff. It’s a wonderful tonic for the grey, January┬ádays here in Yorkshire.

Finally, if you haven’t yet read Postcards From a Stranger then there’s just time to enter my Giveaway on GoodReads to win yourself ( or a friend) ┬áa free copy. Just click HERE.

Right, that’s all from me for now. Happy reading,

Imogen x





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  1. If you like Marion Keyes you need to read ‘The other side of the story’. It’s all about publishing and being a novellist/publisher….

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