Image shows a desk with a cup of coffee and a toilet roll.

I have two weeks to turn round the developmental edits on the new Izzy Bromley book. I also have brain fog due to a horrid cold. (See loo roll!)

At the moment it’s feeling like an insurmountable hurdle! 😬

New week ~ new mindset

I sat at my desk this morning and opened my manuscript as I do every morning. But today I felt something was out of place.

So I’ve taken myself outside to find it. (The sky has gone very grey though. I might be in gir a soaking!! )

Writing on the move.

Photo shows an iPad on a train table.
People often tell me that being a writer must mean that I can work anywhere. I think they mean a hut on a tropical beach or maybe a wooden lodge by a shimmering lake somewhere.

In reality, it’s more likely to be the train to Dewsbury, as I am doing today!


Image shows wedding balloons and flowers
Great news this weekend.

My eldest daughter got engaged. It looks like we’re going to have a busy time planning a wedding. I’m delighted. 🩷

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