Tricky choices.

Posted on 24/04/17 in Blog

I’m no designer so it’s been a challenge this week as I try to pick the cover for my new book. I wrote a brief and set a posse of candidates on with the task of producing my perfect jacket. I got over 300 hundred designs back which was mind-boggling. I have asked for guidance and taken counsel from lots of readers and I hope that the final choice will capture the essence of the story and tempt people in to give it a try.

When the cover is finished, I will be giving you all the opportunity to download the first few chapters for free so you can have a read before the book comes out in the Summer. If you can’t wait that long and want a taster of my work, then head over to the Short Story page by clicking here.┬áInstead of a Book Review┬áI thought you might be interested in this instead this week. I’d love to hear what you think of it.

I have also finished reading Vinegar Girl so I have posted my thoughts on the Book Group Forum so make sure you check that out too. I’ll announce May’s book in next week’s post.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy The Bucket List. If you do and you want to know more about my forthcoming book then please don’t forget to Subscribe. I post once a week and I will never spam you. I promise.

Imogen x

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