Imogen Clark

What I’m up to right now . . .

October 2019

So it’s been quite hectic! The German translation of Postcards From a Stranger fly to the top of the kindle chart in Germany and stayed there for 29 consecutive days. Then Where the Story Starts reached number 1 in the UK Kindle chart securing me a 100% record so far!

This month my novella POSTCARDS AT CHRISTMAS will be published. I am also finishing the first draft of a book currently titled Miss Mountcastle’s Diary which I’m hoping will be released in Autumn 2020 and I had a lovely trip to Southwold in Suffolk to research it. More on my blog about that.

July 2019

This month I’m focussing on my new book. I’m trying to outline ( always a struggle for me!) and actually I’m really looking forward to just getting properly started. I’ve also just signed a new four book deal and Postcards has come out in translation in Germany as WENN DEINE KEILEN MICH BERÜHREN which is a new experience for me. So far so good!

June 2019

This month I’ve been editing a novella that will be published later this year. I’m really excited about it because it features some familiar characters who are very close to my heart. Watch this space for more detail.

May 2019

It’s been a very busy few months as I’ve been working on two new projects which I’m hoping will become books before too long. The first draft is always my favourite part of the process as it’s when the real magic of story telling happens for me.

The next thing will be the launch of my new book WHERE THE STORY STARTS on 28th May. I’m really excited about this one and I hope that you will enjoy reading it.

February 2109

S0, right now I am 25,000 words into my new novel which currently has no title  (not that convenient when I want to refer to it!) I’m loving it so far and really enjoying getting to know the Nightingale family. I’m still at the stage when the whole project is beyond exciting and I haven’t written myself into any dead ends that I can’t get out of just yet. Long may it continue.

I’ve also had ideas for a couple of other stories so I’m trying to think about those too to see if I can sort them into some kind of order rather than just the jumble of thoughts that they are at the moment. Watch this space to see how I get on with them.

October 2018

At the moment I’m in the middle of the edits of my third book WHERE THE STORY STARTS which is due to be published next May.

No spoilers but it’s the story of two very different families from the north-east of England who discover that they are linked in ways that they could never have imagined.

I spent a few days earlier in the year scouting Whitley Bay for locations and found some wonderful spots. Here are just a few that may or may not have found it into the book! You’ll just have to wait and see.

I’m also working with my publishers on the cover design so as soon as I have something to reveal I’ll let you know.


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