An Unwanted Inheritance

When their father dies unexpectedly, siblings Max, Ellie and Nathan can’t even contemplate emptying his house—not least because he spent his last decade curating what feels like a museum to his polished public image. So it is Max’s wife, Caroline, who finds the suitcase under a bed…A suitcase stuffed full of an awful lot of cash.

The source of the money is a mystery to them all, and each has a strong opinion about what to do with it. Ellie and her husband James have an expensive lifestyle to maintain and could do with their share of the windfall—James in particular, for reasons he doesn’t dare reveal. Nathan can’t be trusted with money, as the others all know; he’s desperate to get his hands on some (or all) of the cash. But Caroline is the one guarding the suitcase, and she’s insisting to Max that they take it to the police.

The three siblings have always been close. But now, with this money from nowhere threatening to rewrite what they thought they knew about their father and their family, nothing seems certain. Could it really tear them apart?

“Brimful of emotion – a wonderful plot, and characters that you are rooting for, even when you know you shouldn’t. An Unwanted Inheritance is that gem of a thing: a story to truly lose yourself in – I LOVED IT!” – Faith Hogan, bestselling author of The Ladies’ Midnight Swimming Club

“Imogen Clark deftly peels back the layers of loyalty, family secrets and moral dilemma to examine a family that must make a choice between need, greed and integrity. Pacey, thought provoking and with characters that test the ties of blood, marriage and friendship to the limit. An Unwanted Inheritance will have you wondering how far you’d go to uphold your own principles – and how much, or how little, it would take to betray them.” – Julietta Henderson, author of The Funny Thing about Norman Forman

“Lovingly crafted, with flawed and nuanced characters, this riveting story will stay with readers long after the last page is turned.” – Christine Nolfi, bestselling author of A Brighter Flame

“What happens when you drop a bag of cash right in the middle of three siblings and their families? A whole lot of good fun and drama. An Unwanted Inheritance delightfully explores the flaws that come with being human as Clark plunges us into a story about what is right and wrong and what it means to be a family. She ratchets up the tension as the story races to its surprising and oh, so satisfying conclusion.” — Boo Walker, bestselling author of The Singing Trees

“A gripping tale about money, greed, and what really matters.” – Anstey Harris, bestselling author of The Truths and Triumphs of Grace Atherton.

An Unwanted Inheritance

Publisher: Lake Union Publishing

Available in: Paperback, ebook, audiobook

ISBN: 1542032857

“Connected by loss, a friendship blooms across the generations in this compassionate and nuanced story of endings and new.”   Fiona Valpy, bestselling author of The Skylark’s Secret