Postcards at Christmas

In this heartwarming follow-up to the bestselling novel Postcards From a Stranger, will Cara’s family past ruin her Christmas present, or will she let love in?

After discovering her mother’s secret life, Cara doesn’t have much faith in marriage.

So when the love of her life, Simeon, proposes, she struggles to say ‘I do.’ She adores him, but why risk the perfect relationship by signing on a dotted line that could ruin everything? If her parents’ marriage taught her anything, it was that a gold ring doesn’t equal happiness, and she has no desire to follow in their dysfunctional footsteps.

But maybe there’s a bigger picture after all. When a tragic accident brings yet more truths to the surface, Cara is forced to question everything she believes—and fears—about long-term love. And the answers aren’t obvious…

Could Cara rewrite her family’s history and create her own love story?

“A nice follow on from the earlier Postcards from a Stranger…. I applaud her for the unexpected twist and its unexpected timing. Great two books. Most enjoyable.” Gilly Cox, Amazon reader review

“I read the first book in this series and it made me laugh and cry, I couldn’t wait to read this one to see how all their lives turned out. It again made me laugh and cry, I would recommend reading this series.”
Chrissy, Amazon reader review

“… feel-good seasonal reading but none the worse for that. It addresses some serious questions. Give it a go. It’s a quick pick-me-up for the dark days.” Ignite,
Amazon reader review

“Imogen is an excellent writer of powerful characters and this makes her books very easy to identify with.”
Alison Speirs, Amazon reader review

Postcards at Christmas
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Available in: ebook, audiobook
ISBN: B07W1X79Z3

“Another great read, exploring the relationships between friends and families both in good times and in the face of adversity.”

Amazon reader review