The Last Piece

The chaotic but happy equilibrium of the Nightingale family is thrown into disarray when Cecily—whose children can’t remember her ever being remotely spontaneous—disappears to a Greek island with no warning or explanation.

Her reasons for doing something so out of character are a total mystery to her three daughters, high-powered executive Felicity, unfulfilled GP Julia and organised mother-of-five Lily. What connection could she possibly have with Kefalonia?

But Cecily has gone to continue a story she thought ended decades ago—one that could have a huge impact on her family. And when she returns, she’ll have to tell them the truth.

Will Cecily be able to hold her family together once she reveals her big secret? And might she discover that she’s not the only one with a story to tell?

When Pip and Evelyn’s paths cross in real life they slowly begin to reveal the hidden stories that are holding them back. Can they help each other forgive what happened in the past and, perhaps, find happiness in the future?

“Touching, emotional and secretive. A beautiful story that should not be missed.”
Pamela Jones, Amazon reader review

“An unusual ending but a great read, one I enjoyed immensely.”
Wife of Gerry, Amazon reader review

“What a wonderful book for a Book Club. Lots of different opinions on how the characters dealt with…  The author took an unusual slant…”
hep, Amazon reader review

“I thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so that I read it straight through in under a day!”
Pat, Amazon reader review

The Last Piece
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Available in: Paperback, ebook, audiobook
ISBN: 1542020778

“Touching, emotional and secretive. A beautiful story that should not be missed.”

Amazon reader review