This is harder that I thought. You spend years planning what you will do when your youngest goes to school. You build it up to this to some kind of promised land and dream about all the self indulgent ways that you can spend your newly aquired time. My youngest has been in full time education for two months and already things seem to be going off in an unpredicted direction. As I thought might happen I seem to be moving more slowly. When I had very little time to do my housework I did everything at breakneck speed. Now I seem to be spending almost all my time doing what I fitted into 6 hours previously.That’s not good.

The second problem that I am encountering is a distinct lack of enthusiam for any of the projects that seemed so enticing when I didn’t have time. I suspect that part of the reason is the change of the clocks. I always find the changing of the season down into winter very draining. I am a summer girl and get a bit low as the nights draw in and the weather deteriorates to an overcast chill.

However, I think I am just having more difficulty slotting into my new life style than I could ever have predicted. I need to come up with some new tactics.