Image shows a bubble on a conifer branch


We're all busy, right? Mad busy sometimes, which is how my year has felt. I've written three book, made ten trips abroad, run two Writer's Retreats, renovated chunks of my home, managed my kids and tried to support my elderly parents, etc, etc, etc.

But you understand all this, don't you, because I bet you are mad busy too. My busyness is just the same as yours or anyone else's. Life is just hectic. There's no getting around that.

Despite the lack of available time in my day, I still like to blog. I just struggle to find the space to do it. So I came up with something I thought might help. A micro blog! It's a bit like a story on Instagram or Facebook (so that's what I've called it here too), a kind of snapshot of what's happening in my world. It appears as soon as you visit my page, sliding in down the right hand side, but if you're interested in digging in a little deeper then just hit the Story button on the menu and they will all appear. And they don't disappear after a day!

I hope you enjoy them. I haven't abandoned blogging entirely but hopefully these little tasters will help fill the gaps!

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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I look forward to seeing you.