Hi everyone

I missed a week! I’m sure you didn’t notice but I felt bad because I had set myself the challenge of posting a new review each week and then I didn’t finish reading the book in time! Hopeless! I’ve finished now and if you hop over to the Reviews page you can see what took me so long!

I’ve not been kicking my heels though. Since deciding to  go Indie with my writing two weeks ago, I have commissioned new covers for Lucinda’s books, re-edited and reformatted the texts of both the ebook and paperback versions of all three books and worked out how to load the ebooks on Amazon. I’m also working on setting up my own mini publisher to publish my books through. My first adult book has gone to my editor for a final edit and I’ve set Lucinda’s Advance team off on reading a preview copy so that I can get some reviews before the book goes wide.

It’s all very exciting but the learning curve has been very steep. Good job I have good spikes in my shoes or I might slip all the way back down to the bottom!

Are you reading Behind her Eyes for our Book Group?  The discussion is about to start over on the Forum so if you haven’t finished yet then I’d steer clear if I were you! There are spoilers!

I can’t wait to find out what you all think.

I’ll post the book for next month next week so watch this space.

In the meantime, happy reading.