Hi there

So what are you going to do in 2109 that you haven’t done before?

Not thought of anything yet? No worries – there are still three days to go!

I have my plan all thought through. I am going to try (yet again) to establish a bullet journal. Those people that know me might remember that I’ve been wittering on about this for a while. I almost started this time last year and did actually have a go the year before that but failed to get it going properly.

But, despite these epic crash-and-burns, I still can’t seem to get the idea out of my head. The universe is clearly sending me a signal to have another try..



I can hear a few of you asking what a bullet journal is – basically it’s a paper-based productivity tool designed to make us more mindful about how we spend our two most precious resources – time and energy. In a nutshell, through a simple system of lists and markings it enables you to keep a track of everything you are thinking about, should be doing and want to do . . .  all in one place.

This appeals to me on a number of levels. I’ve always kept diaries, am very goal driven and have various daily routines already well established so I should be a perfect candidate. And of course I adore stationery (well, who doesn’t to be honest?!)

Now, my logical side tells me that I should have this kind of thing stored digitally in apps that are available to me through my phone (and therefore constantly about my person). and let’s face it, there are hundreds of options. However, my heart is singing a very different tune. It wants me to have a paper system where I can write things in coloured inks and cross tasks off with a decisive sweep of a pen.

The other thing about bullet journals is that the best of them are just so beautiful. Look #bujo up on your favourite social media outlet and marvel at what people do. Here is a Pinterest page by way of example. Just have a quick click on the link (but please don’t wander off!) Aren’t they gorgeous? How much would I love to have a journal like those sitting on my desk? More than you can possibly imagine, actually.

But here’s the problem, my resistance, the thing that causes friction each time I decide to try – basically there is more chance of Ilkley Town winning the FA cup than me creating something like that. I can’t draw. I can’t do fancy lettering. I have no artistic imagination. I can barely copy let alone come up with an idea of my own.  As a result, each time I decide I’m going to start a bullet journal I get totally overwhelmed and give up.

However, giving up is not like me and I don’t like doing it. So I’ve had a little think and I have concluded that much as I would love to have spreads (that’s what you call the pages) like these drawn by my writer friend Holly ( @holly.journals)


having beautifully laid out pages like these is not the primary purpose of a bullet journal ( see above ). And the primary purpose is something I CAN achieve as long as I resign myself to the fact that it might not be that pretty!

So now, with three days to go before the start of the new year I am preparing to begin my new journal. And it’s an excuse to buy more stationery so what’s not to love?

My supplies!

So what are you doing that’s new for 2019? Let me know in the comments.

Best wishes