This week I stayed in a castle. It had battlements and arrow shooting windows so I knew it was one. My room had a massive four poster bed and candles and a log burning stove. So that’s it. I am officially a Princess. (But you knew that already didn’t you?)

The castle was the dream of a couple from Skipton. When they bought it, it was listed as a scheduled ancient monument although it only had three external walls, no roof and trees were growing through the windows. But notwithstanding this they decided that they could restore it to its former glory. It was an enormous undertaking. The stone masons had to live in caravans in the garden for two years just to rebuild the walls.They had to contend with direction from English Heritage, their bank and Kevin McCloud who kept popping by to say hello but the results are breathtaking. The views alone are worth the trip but to actually spend time in a building that has been standing in some capacity or other since the 13th Century is thought provoking and very humbling.

I can’t imagine being so driven that against all the odds you manage to achieve your lifelong ambition mainly because I don’t have a lifelong ambition. But goals is a subject for another day when I have finished formulating my thoughts about them. In the meantime I will get on with practising being a Princess.

If you are interested take a look at and see for yourself. Only I can be a Princess though and the Old Bedroom remains reserved for me.