‘So, how’s Nanowrimo going?’ I hear you cry.

So far so good, thank you for asking. It’s currently day 14 as I type this so we are almost halfway through. My word count stands at a healthy 27,792 which is 4,454 words ahead of where I need to be to finish by the end of the month. That might not sound like much to you but it’s like a lovely, comfort blanket for me because it means I have a couple of days’ grace  when I can get away with not writing anything and still not fall behind
My favourite part of my Nano challenge this year is my world creation. This is the bit where the writer makes the action happen somewhere that is so visible to the reader in their mind’s eye that they can believe it might be real.

I have created an island off the tip of Scotland. I have never actually been further north than Inverness so it’s requiring quite a lot of imagination to paint my scenery. This is where Google comes in. I have images, wiki pages, sunset times, tide tables, ferry timetables, the lot. I have even dreamt up an airstrip which I think might pass muster and of course the lovely lighthouse which is at the centre of my story.

So maybe, when all this is over and if my story feels like it could have legs, I might go on an actual research trip up there to see how close my imagination is to reality. I might wait until the Spring however. Bit chilly for me in winter. I am currently binge-watching episodes of ‘Shetland’ whilst I do the ironing. I thought I might try Balamory next!

Imogen x