I went to a party last night. There was food and then dancing. I love to dance especially if there is plenty of room to beetle about the dancefloor. It happens so rarely these days that I really relish the opportunity and if the music is favourable I can keep going all night.

It’s also highly distracting to watch other people dance. Most people have one style which they adapt to suit the speed of the music that is playing. It’s as if you get to a particular age and are then destined to dance in one style for ever. A few people have different dances for different genres – I think I may fall into this catagory although it does all get a bit repetitive when I get tired. Then there are the people who truely do not care either because they have had enough to drink to remove all inhibitions or they didn’t have any inhibitions in the first place. People like that are a joy to watch but really rather rare. There were only a couple there last night but as I danced for most of the night I didn’t really get chance to watch them.

I sing too. I really can’t help it. Dancing makes me happy and so does singing. In light of this I wonder why it’s something that I do so rarely. Note to self. Dance more.