One week to go until I have hand in the final assignment on my course and then that’s it. All done. I say “hand in”. Actually I need to press a button so that it flies off into cyber space and then hope that it gets there. A virtual pigeonhole, I suppose, is just as effective as the wooden variety. Either way it must be in by 12.00 next Friday.

So this gives me a problem. I have two pieces. I had three ideas and wrote two of them into short stories. I would have written the third but I could already see my dilemma rearing its little head so I held off with number three. The piece is worth 70% of the final mark – a not inconsiderable proportion. So obviously I want to do my best and give it my all. I thought carefully about all the things that I had learned over the last four months and did my best to incorporate them to illustrate that I had been concentrating. I have read them over and over and each time I alter something, change an image, tweak an adjective. There will come a point when I just have to choose and send one in. Some time before next Friday in fact.

But how do I choose? If I knew which was the better piece I would just send it. But how am I supposed to know? Surely that’s what I went on the course for! It would be ideal if I could send both and let the tutor pick but clearly that’s not really an option! I have shown them to a couple of friends and got different reactions so that didn’t really take me much further forward. At the end of the day it’s my piece and I will just have to choose the one I think works the best and hope I’m right. And when I do, I may just post it on here and then you can tell me what you think! So wish me luck.