I’m your classic introvert. I’m perfectly happy in social situations just as long as the attention isn’t on me. I love talking to people if I can  stick to asking questions and listening but try to switch the conversation my way and see how fast I manage to flip it back.

It seems odd then, that all four of my children are at their happiest as part of a cast on a stage. Dancing, singing, acting – it doesn’t matter which. They will just run with whatever is thrown at them. And whilst two of them are naturally outgoing like their Dad, the other two would rather not speak unless it would be rude not to… and even then might not!

So it delights me that we have a wonderful and very vibrant youth theatre group in my town. At least twice a year such of my children as are available are able to be part of an Upstagers show and they love it and since I have learned how much they grow from taking part, I have firmly encouraged them. Here’s a post I wrote six years ago after a very successful run of Billy Elliot which they performed at the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford. Tis was before I really understood what a massive part of our family Upstagers would become!

Last week, two of the children had the chance to part of a vibrant and ambitious production of Starlight Express, a show which takes place entirely on roller-skates. The  cast members had to sing their numbers whilst negotiating two concentric race tracks which the Upstagers team had built around the auditorium. It was heart-stopping stuff but I’m happy to report that the only collisions during the five show run were of the choreographed kind. The production was very well received, great fun was had by all and now things feel a little bit flat around here!

But not in my writer’s world. Postcards is still selling very well and the lovely reviews just keep coming. I’m so grateful to anyone who writes a review because each one gives other readers the confidence to take a chance on an unknown writer and so discover me for themselves.

I read quite a bad book last week too. Review here. And don’t forget the new book group book, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine which is a real gem of a book and well worthy of a place in your suitcase this summer..

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See you next week. Happy reading.

Imogen x