I love a good conference. Wandering around learning about things that you’re interested in with a bunch of like-minded people with plenty of coffee and Danish pastries on the side. Perfect.

So imagine my delight when this popped through my virtual letterbox. A Conference for Indie writers just like me, In excitement, I checked my diary and was delighted to see that it was clear. (Well, it’s my 21st wedding anniversary but you know what I mean.) The conference appeared to be linked to the London Book Fair so I’m almost clicking over to the Trainline to book my ticket when I notice the word ‘Online’.

I do a little double take. Online and free too to boot! This all sounds too good to be true so I dig a little deeper. I’ve come across the Alliance of Independent Authors in my recent travels around Writerland and it comes highly recommended by some people whose opinions I’m starting to trust. When I look at the Line up of speakers I see a few familiar faces and some new ones but they all have things to say that I want to hear.

So I’ve signed up!

I’ve never been to an online conference before. On a scale of technical ability I’d put myself at an enthusiastic but average 5 so I’m not quite sure how these things work. But how hard can it be?  I’m sure I can master it.

So my diary is cleared – ( I told my husband that of course he didn’t have to take the day off to celebrate our anniversary!), the coffee will be on and I might even buy myself a couple of Danish pastries to get me in the mood.

Why don’t you come too? Sign up here.

See you there.