I’m sorry. To use a phrase rather irritatingly adopted by my daughter, my attempts to blog this weekend have been a fail. I could pretend that my weekend passed in a blur of fun filled activities and social engagements, leaving insufficient time to pen a few, well chosen words. But no. I did try but it just wasn’t happening. Blogging was beyond me.

I wouldn’t want to you to think that I sit down day after day and ideas just spout forth. I do have to think quite hard about what in my life might be worthy of comment and whether I have wittered about it before ( which, increasingly, I have.) But generally, when a subject presents itself to me, I am able to coin a few phrases to sum up my view, press “Publish Post” and away we go.

This weekend I knew what I was going to write about from the outset. I thought about my chosen subject, sleepovers, in a selection of the quieter moments. I mulled over my thoughts, then my angle and finally some choice and entertaining phrases to express my views. And so, when the little ones were in bed last night, I sat down at my computer in full expectation of having the final version typed and published in time for the BBC drama at nine o’ clock.

But no. I could tell almost at once that things weren’t going well. Instead of coming over as slightly controlling but quite chirpy, my prose sounded po faced and a bit shirty. Scrap that and start again. I wracked my brain for those quirky little turns of phrase that had skipped across my mind as I had washed up. Gone. Scarpered. Vanished. I got half way through my second attempt and when the clock chimed nine, I gave up and closed my computer down with an air of despondency.

Having given this some thought in the intervening period, I have decided that my postings reflect my mood. If I am happy the words bounce out of me with ill contained glee. If I am thoughtful then my prose takes a different style, more contemplative. But this weekend I was cross. Something happened on Friday that got my goat and I never really recovered.

And the moral of this tale? Negative emotion plays havoc with my blog. I hope normal service will be resumed soon once my temper has recovered. I may even blog about sleepovers.