Hi everyone.

I’ve been channelling my inner designer this week. That’s a laugh. I might be good with words but I’m afraid images aren’t really my thing. That’s why I’ve recruited the help of a very talented cover designer to do the book jacket for my novel Postcards From A Stranger. 

It’s quite a difficult process for a non-artist such as myself but I’m pleased with the results and you can expect the BIG REVEAL very soon. I’ll then be making the first few chapters of the book available for free for a limited period so you can try before you buy. I’m hoping that the people who enjoy what I’m doing on here will feel confident to share so that I can get the word out about my new book as widely as possible.

This week’s REVIEW might be interesting if you’ve been watching the new series of Big Little Lies on the telly. See what I thought of the book here.

Finally, as May has begun it’s time to reveal the BOOK GROUP book for this month. It’s Fates and Furies by Lauren Goff. This book hit the headlines when Barack Obama named it as his favourite book of 2015. It also won Amazon.com’s Best Book of the Year. I gather that it’s a portrait of a dishonest marriage seen from both sides so that sounds intriguing. If you want to read along with me and then post what you thought of it in the Forum then I’d be delighted.

Right, that’s enough from me. I hope you’ve had a great Bank Holiday. Happy reading.

Imogen x