I cannot tell a lie – I am a hopeless liar. It’s not particularly that I am an “as honest as the day is long kind of girl” although I do try. It’s more that my mind just doesn’t work fast enough to lie. When faced with a question I just tell the truth. It just kind of blurts out before I have had chance to think up something more original to say. So I am no good at those kind of jokes where lying forms the basis of the entertainment. I never think to tease the children in the way that daddies seem to do. I just tell it like it is.

I was once trying to play a dice game with friends. It was all about betting on what you threw. On top of that, you had to bluff as to what you thought you could throw. As you can imagine, it was not my forte. It took me a while to work out the point of the game. The people that were teaching me were incredibly enthusiastic about it and I couldn’t understand why. Surely what you threw was what you threw? A definite, objective thing. An element of luck but really not that much fun. Eventually, it dawned on me that the scores that people were bidding couldn’t possibly match what they had thrown. And then, very slowly and dimly, light dawned. They were lying.

Ah. Now I could see what was going on. But once I had finally caught on it took me no further forward because I really couldn’t see the point. And I couldn’t think that way. The whole game wasn’t a great success for me! I don’t think I’ll ever play poker.

Recently I have started delving gently into the millions of other blogs out there. I have never done it before in case what I find knocks my confidence. However, determined not to be scared off I did start to look. Some of them seemed to contain details of lives that began to make me feel very staid and dull. I know my life isn’t the wildest but I do have my moments! But in comparison with these bloggers?!
And then it dawned on me. Perhaps they aren’t telling the truth? I know I’m slow. But it really didn’t occur to me that people might make stuff up. Bless me.

Every word of the 140 posts that I have written so far is true. It’s just stuff that happens or has happened to me. But then I started thinking. Perhaps I should start lying in my posts? I wonder if anyone would spot some judiciously placed whoppers. And it wouldn’t be lying as such, more like turning my blog into a work of fiction rather than an autobiography. Could be fun.

But I suspect I won’t do it. For a start, too many people that know me well read what I write. They could ask questions and expose me far too readily. And anyway, as I said before, I’m no good at lying. So I’ll stick with the truth in my blog and develop a healthy scepticism for anything that I read elsewhere on the world wide web that makes me feel too dull.