You know how it is when you put things off?

I don’t mean tackling the ironing pile or mopping the kitchen floor. I certainly put those mundane, day to day things to one side until I can ignore them no longer. But I mean the bigger stuff, the things that might actually change how you live your life. Applying for a new job, telling the committee that you got roped into when you weren’t concentrating that you want to resign, starting the diet that is going to result in the body of your dreams.

I always find that the timing of these bigger things is more difficult to master. I need the auspices to be favourable before I begin. That generally means a Monday. I can’t be doing with starting things midweek. Then I need a proper block of time that starts in the morning. I’m a morning person and my efficiency, productivity and resolve fail me as the day plods on. So if I’m not up and at ’em first thing then the timing is not right and the task slides off the schedule to wait until the gods give me a more propitious day.

I have two projects waiting in the wings for such a moment – the first could hardly be described as life changing and the second most definitely could.

Project one is my knitting. Well crocheting to be precise. Don’t laugh! I told you it wasn’t important but still it needs attention and I need the moment to be just right before I can begin.

I went and bought yarn in a valiant attempt to get me off the laptop in the evenings.But I need a block of quiet time to make sure that I start off correctly or the whole mission will be doomed from the outset. It’s OK once I’m up and running – interruptions can be tolerated – but at the outset I need to count and concentrate. I’m still waiting for my moment.

Project two is more serious. My BA(Hons). I got the course materials last month, a large and scholarly looking pile of colourful texts. I have joined a facebook group of very friendly but frighteningly keen fellow students who all seemed to make a start the moment the package arrived. I have been more circumspect, placing the books lovingly on my shelf and dusting them each week.

However, I need a week in hand to cover half term so I have to make a start. Tomorrow’s looking good. Nothing in the diary. Rain forecast. Pens and notepads bought and ready to go. So now I’m just waiting for the inevitable sick child or needy friend or household disaster to break my stride. In fact, if I’m really honest, I’m nervous about getting on and, although it’s most unlike me, have been making excuses. But the time has come. I need to focus and begin. I must take the step that will influence the next six years of my life and I will take it tomorrow. Or maybe Tuesday…..