Hi there

So here’s my writing journey so far in a nutshell. I published my first book Postcards From a Stranger in June last year. In July I was approached by Amazon Publishing and to cut a very long story very short they bought the book and my next two.  And since then I have been WAITING! I’ve been writing too but mainly I’ve been waiting whilst the lengthy process of publishing a book spreads itself out in front of me.

Well, I’ve never been that patient so whilst I wait (the All New Postcards From a Stranger will be out on 7th August) I’ve decided that I should spend my time making friends.

So far I have met new friends on my Facebook Page – Imogen Clark at Home. If you haven’t found it yet then click HERE. I also have my Book Café which is a vibrant group where people swap ideas for their next read. Lots of new friends there too. You can join in HERE. Finally, I’ve been posting on Instagram a bit so if pictures are your thing and you want to see what I’m up to then check it out HERE.

Next on my mission list for meeting new people is to start a regular Facebook Live broadcast where I can tell everyone more about my books, where I write, my process and all the news as we approach PUBLICATION DAY. I’ll post on the Facebook Page when those are going to be and hopefully my new friends and I will find a convenient regular time to meet up for a virtual cup of tea.

Lots of new books to discover too. As well as the Book Café there’s also my GoodReads page where I rate what I’ve read. Recently I’ve really enjoyed The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle and The Break – both really different in style and genre but similar in that they kept me awake and turning the pages.

Right, that’s all from me. If you haven’t yet found me on Social Media then please come and say hello and maybe you can meet some new friends too.