I know . . . you’re busy. If it’s anything like my house round at yours then the pre-Christmas pressure will just be starting to fizz. I seem to spend the week before the Big Day chasing my tale as I work at super-human pace to make everything totally perfect for my nearest and dearest.

It’s mad I know. They really wouldn’t notice if I didn’t do half the things that I do but for me it’s important that I get things done. I use the words ‘for me’ here having read this interesting article by Melanie Kirkbride at The Soft Road and I am going to try and defuse any pre-Christmas tension around here by adopting the expression whenever I remember.

I am also going to try to be kind to myself this Christmas time too. It doesn’t have to perfect. Christmas really is one of those times when good enough will do. If a room as a mess then I’m going to close the door. If my trifle layers aren’t totally pristine then I shall think to myself that at least I made a trifle.

And once the Big Day is over I am planning to take some well-earned time to just chill. I have a PILE of books that I want to read and I’m hoping that there’ll be some snuggly new pyjamas in Santa’s sack for me so that I can settle back with a cup tea and a mince pie and just enjoy the moment.

However you’re spending your Christmas this year I hope you manage to take a little time for yourself. In fact, why not schedule it in right now!

In the New Year I will have a lovely new website to reveal and my office refurbishment will be finished and I will start working with my new editor at Lake Union on the edits for book 2. Then it’ll be on to the first draft of book 3 and I’m so excited to release my new set of characters from my head and onto the page.

But in the meantime, I hope you have a lovely Christmas time. Be kind to you and make space to breathe.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Happy reading.

Imogen x