Well. it’s been a while – nearly sixth months since my last post. Plenty of time to think, consider, reassess. But overall, when I take everything into account, I have missed writing my little blog.

So it’s back. A six month’s break away from the world but now ready to reemerge, phoenix-like from the flames that I had smothered it with. Imagine that it’s been in retreat – time away, shut off from the world, to contemplate its navel and make decisions about how it want the rest of its life to pan out.

But in what form should it reappear?

This is a tricky one. For the last five years, Imogen Clark at Home has been a little foray into the ups and downs of my family’s life. This life continues apace but the wisdom of sharing it with the world wanes as my children grow and their actions become more readily identifiable.

Where does that leave me? With a blog that people like to read but which I can no longer write, that’s where. Hmm. Not ideal.

How about if I turn the attention off the family and on to me? Not just in passing, en route to a funny anecdote but the full, glaring, warts and all spotlight of attention.

Well, that’s a possibility I suppose although who would possibly care about what’s going on in my head apart from, perhaps, my mother and even that’s debatable. But they say you should write to please yourself and not others. After all, if you don’t want to read stuff about my hopes and dreams then that is very easily fixed.

And so you have it. Imogen Clark at Home Mark II. Hold on tight and enjoy the ride……