My blog is nearing its end – well, in its current form.

It’s been 1,797 days since I started writing it. In that time, I have posted 425 times and 33,831 people have popped by to have a look.
However, you may have noticed that recently my posts have become much less frequent. There are lots of reasons for this. Here are just a few!
1. In five years, I have touched on most of the stuff that I might want to share.
2. My children are growing and I need to protect their privacy in a way that is less important when they are young.
3. I use my spare time to work on my real writing.
4. I no longer need to use the blog in the way that I did in the beginning. I have changed.
5. There are far too many blogs out there. When I started, it was relatively unusual. It isn’t now.
I’m not going to kill it, poor little thing but its direction will change. Like Doctor Who, it will regenerate and rise up, Phoenix like from the ashes of its former self to shine forth and light the way to a new beginning. Hmmm. Well, something like that. I’m just not quite sure how as yet. I shall spend some time thinking about the way forward and in the meantime the odd post may pop up if inspiration strikes me.
I’ve had a blast writing it. I’ve got myself into a fair bit of hot water over the years but in the main, people have been very complimentary about my musings. So if you have made time to read what I have written, thank you so much.
So let’s raise a glass (or coffee mug – whatever is handy) to the future and that scary, exhilarating and altogether unpredictable roller-coaster ride that is life! Chinchin x