Life is fast. Fast food. Fast communication. Fast transport. And now fast fiction.

It’s hardly a new idea. People far more imaginative than I am have been doing it for years. However, just because I’m late to the party doesn’t mean that I can’t have a dance.
So this is how it’s going to work for me. One (or hopefully many) of you will give me a word that will act as a prompt for a story. This can either be as a comment on my most recent post – it might help if you identify it as a prompt so that I don’t write something based on the many spam comments that I receive – or as a reply on the Imogen Clark at Home Facebook page.
I will then endeavour to write a 200 word story which incorporates your word.
I must be mad! Already I am nervous about this concept and I haven’t even posted this blog yet.  I could just change my mind. But hey! Life’s short, I like writing and you lot read what I write most of the time so how wrong can it go?!
(P.S. If I get lots of suggestions it’s going to take me a while but I will attend to the stories in the strict order that I get the prompt so if your story takes a while to pop up then please be patient. I will get there eventually.)
Let the fast fiction fest commence!