As part of my personal campaign to fill my life with exciting and challenging things I decided that it might be a good idea to study something. After battling my way through the education system to reach qualification at an earlier stage in my life I have always thought that I have had my fair share of formal learning. Until now it has held no appeal. It crossed my mind to study English but attentive readers will recall that that resulted in my setting up a book club rather than a second degree.

But it has been a strange year and so when the thought crossed my mind earlier in the year, I invited it in and made it a cup of tea. I stumbled across the Open University website and quite by chance found exactly what I had been looking for. My heart lurched. I was excited but at the same time all the voices telling me exactly why I can’t do stuff were giving full voice to their concerns. Time pressures. Feelings of inadequacy. Fear of failure. Beard phobia. You know the kind of thing.

Anyway, I talked to my husband and a discreet friend and decided that if I still felt the same in a month or so I would sign up. I did so I did.

I received the wherewithal to log myself onto the OU website and found a ludicrously large volume of material about everything you could possible imagine including lots of tips for home study. Find a fixed time of the day that suits you and a quiet environment in which to work. That’s me stuffed then I thought. But it’s only eight hours a week. Surely I can fit that in somewhere?

Well, we shall see. My course material arrives in a couple of weeks and then I am off. Expect more over the coming months.