I have to go back to the gym. This is not one of those New Year Resolution things. I joined this time last year and have gone regularly three times a week since then. I don’t mind going. I’m not addicted or consumed with guilt if I don’t go. It is just part of what I do. Or did. Because at the tail end of last year the habit got broken.

There were various responsible factors – not excuses I hasten to add – why I haven’t managed to get there. The top of the slippery slope was a week when the children were at home four days out of five due to training days at the two schools. Then my husband and I were away for a couple of days so that week was a bit topsy turvey too. Next, I had my assignment to complete and hand in. By this point, I was starting to make excuses for not going. Then it was the build up to Christmas. In my head I was telling myself that there was no point going because pretty soon it would be the holidays and I would go once or twice and then not be able to go again. I fully intended to go once my husband was on his Christmas break, and I did go – once. But there was snow on the ground and that meant that instead of whizzing down on my bike I had to walk. Somehow this was much less appealing.I gave myself still more time off.

Then, the kids went back to school on Monday but it was minus 5 outside and I couldn’t bear the thought of getting even colder by having to get showered and changed in the middle of the day. Then, more snow than we have had for thirty years meant that they were home again by Tuesday.

The reason why I have been thinking about this is not so much the actual missing of the gym. My month or so off has made no discernible difference to my body although my energy levels have dropped a bit. It’s more the way it has made my brain work. It’s functioning in a way that I had thought I had grown out of. “No point starting now. Might as well wait until Monday.” You know the kind of thing. I’m sure you’ve been there. Trouble is I thought I no longer was.

So I have given myself a good talking to. I need to get back in the flow and now the Big Thaw has finally started I will soon be zipping backwards and forwards on my bike again. So, starting tomorrow I will be building in the extra hour that it takes me to go and I won’t be taking no for an answer. I may even buy myself some new kit to increase the motivation. Ask me next week and I am sure normal service will be resumed. Excuses are so last decade.