I’m ONE WEEK into my new life as a writer.

Of course, in the way of these things, week one was school half term so establishing a pattern of behaviour proved to be even more challenging than usual. I did my best – although I do have to accept that my best wasn’t fab.

Starting new stuff and getting it to stick is hard so I decided I needed some help. I could happily spend several months reading and listening to all the great stuff that is out there on the subject but that’s time that I should be spending writing/ learning about publishing so I’ve tried to sidestep that avenue.

So I’ve gone back to my comfort zone – paper diaries. I bought one. In fact, I’ve bought several over the last few months trying to find one that did what I needed it to do. In fact I now have a whole shelf of diaries/journals that just didn’t quite work for me!

But this one that does – so far. It has space to fill in what you should be doing all day long with sections for goals, wins, stuff that went really badly and what you’ve learned that day. I can also tick off all the daily challenges that I have going as well which is great. I like a tick!

And so far so good. If nothing else, I’m learning what works for me, what is slowing me down and what is so excruciating unrealistic that I’m slightly embarrassed to have ever written it down in the first place. Consequently, the picture beneath shows a blank page. I’m not ready to revel the contents to the world just yet. But hey…I have to start somewhere.

This is WEEK TWO, the children are back at school, the house is quiet, I have the full broadband width to myself and the sun is shining. It’s looking good.