I’ve been reading a fascinating book this week – Quiet by Susan Cain. If ever you meet me at a party I’ll be the one on the edges, wishing I could sit and just watch and not speak. Small talk seems like such a waste of words to me and I can never hear or make myself heard over the loud laughter from the other side of the room. But no one would ever call me shy. Public speaking doesn’t phase me, new situations are no problem and I’m usually the one to take the lead in a group of strangers on a course.

Well, now I have discovered that my type of personality has a name under the Briggs Myers Personality Indicators – I am INFJ! Who knew?! Well, clearly loads of people knew but not me. And I learned that it was OK not to look forward to the things that others seem to relish because there are plenty of other ways in which I can relax and have fun. And it doesn’t make me weird. It just makes me INFJ!

In other news, I have decided that the pace may be too fast for the Book Forum so I’m going to slow down and do a book every quarter. That way people might not be put off by having to read so quickly and be able to join in the discussions. So watch this space for the announcement of Summer’s read. I shall still keep posting my Reviews as regularly though and there’s a new one this week as usual..

Pace is building towards the launch of my book Postcards From a Stranger. You can now download a Preview which is very exciting and I have a lunch party on Thursday 6th July, 7 pm in Friends of Ham, Ilkley so if you happen to be in the neighbourhood pop down and listen to me read a bit. I might even sign your copy!

Until next week, happy reading.

Imogen x