Most of my children have gone back to school today. The eldest goes tomorrow and then it’s head down til Christmas. But I mustn’t let the day to day mundanities get in the way. This is September. I love September. It’s where things start for me. It must be a throwback to my own school days which, although many a moon ago are still writ large in my memory.

Traditionally fresh starts are made in January. With the excesses of Christmas out of the way and a new diary with clean pages to fill, that would seem to be the time to make some changes. But it is still the depths of winter and the drab, greyness of January and February make it difficult for me to feel positive about anything, let alone initiate change.

But September is a whole different kettle of fish. New clothes, new pencil cases, new timetables, new classmates. And on top of that, the season is on the cusp of changing. There is a nip in the air but the sun still has some heat in it on a good day. Blue skies, orange leaves and conkers. I defy anyone to pick up a fat, shiny conker fresh from its shell and not smile. And whilst, regretfully, I no longer have a new pencil case, the opening weeks in September do mark the beginning of a new phase.In recent times these phases have been in my children’s lives. Starting play group or school or secondary school. But this year I have room in my head for me too. And change is in the offing. My job looks like it might step up a gear. I have signed up for an Open University course. I need to get some more structure back into my visits to the gym which, by necessity become a little haphazard in the holidays. And on top of that, I have all sorts of leisure interests that I wish to pursue. Add that to my existing commitments and the house and family and I have a lot to be excited about.

Sadly however, as I type the rain is hammering down on the windows, I have full length jeans and winter boots on and I did the school run in a mac! Still, I refuse to let anything shatter this feeling. It is precious and needs to be nurtured and protected from demons so that I make the most of it before it wears off and I am longing for the next holiday.