Hi. You know how it is. You’re sailing along through your daily life and everything seems to be running as smoothly as one can expect these things to go when suddenly you hit a bump in the road and the world wobbles.

That has just happened to me. My husband had a health issue that caused him to have to be blue-lighted to hospital not once but twice in the course of one week. Hopefully all is well again now and there was never any danger than he wouldn’t recover but when something like that happens it makes you realise just how much we take for granted.

With this in mind, I have been trying to be more grateful for the things in my life that have always just been there up until now. Not only does that include my family’s health but also our amazing NHS and how efficiently it works in a crisis. It’s a hackneyed phrase – live every day to the full because you never know. It’s also not terribly realistic as we all have our fair share of the boring and mundane that just needs to be done no matter how much you might prefer to be doing something more exciting or relaxing. That said, I am trying to make the most of every day and to make sure that I fully appreciate all my blessings.

In other news, I’m delighted to report that Postcards is selling really well and I’m getting such a lot of lovely reviews. The first draft of book 3 is moving from nebulous concept to proper story so that’s encouraging too. Book 2 is currently just waiting to be edited. It’s always good to give these things some distance I find!

This week’s Book Review is HERE and in case you’ve forgotten, the Summer book group read is Eleanor Oliphant is completely Fine. (I wish my predictive text would stop changing it to Elephant! It’s driving me mad!) You know how it works. Read along and then post your comments HERE.

In the meantime, keep having a lovely summer.

Happy reading.

Imogen x