I wonder who reads my blog. I wonder if anyone reads my blog. If you read my blog please raise your hand. Bother. I can’t see you.

It really is a rather strange feeling. Here I am rambling on about things that catch my interest and sometimes bearing my soul to a degree that could be considered more than is prudent especially when I have no idea who I am talking to.

Every so often someone will make a direct reference. ” I read your blog and noticed…” whatever it is. So then I know that they read that posting. But most of the time I type stuff, post it and off it flies into the black hole that is the world wide web. No one ever makes any comments either. At the bottom of every posting “0 Comments”.

But if I did know, would that stifle what I write? Yes. More than likely. Perhaps I should stop wondering about it. Maybe I should behave like a child who has decided that they must be adopted and that their real parents are royalty. I can pursue my own little fantasy that hundreds of people look forward to logging on or that no one reads it so I can write what I like, depending on my mood.

So, if you do read it and feel the need to reveal yourself then go for it. Or don’t and I will just keep wondering.