Ok. Enough Navel gazing on the subject of my literary future. I have made a decision and it really wasn’t that hard once I got some perspective.

I asked myself a really simple question. I had asked myself it before but I’m not sure I’ve always been completely honest, tending to skirt round stuff, and peppering my answer with lots of buts and maybes. I thought I was being realistic but actually it was probably just plain pessimism. So here’s the question –

What do I really want?

It’s not rocket science is it? The answer isn’t either.

To be sitting on a train and see someone nearby reading something that I wrote.

So then came the tricky follow up.

How will I achieve that?

By working really hard to make my books the best they can possibly be and then following the traditional publishing route to get them to the person on the train.

There you go. That wasn’t that difficult, was it?

I didn’t get there all by myself, mind you. My lovely meditation teacher Melanie Kirkbride had a hand in it. I thought that my head and my heart were pulling me in different directions and I couldn’t decide which one knew best. Melanie pointed out that I should allow my intuition (heart) to make the decision and then use my intellect (head) to make it happen. So rather than constantly coming up with barriers as to why I shouldn’t try traditional publishing, I should put all that effort into trying to make it work.

Now that I’ve made that decision, life is a whole lot less complicated. I have Lucinda Fox to have fun with in the self publishing world but when it comes down to my true passion, the books that I write for the love of writing, I am going to try to push them into the deep, dark cave of traditional publishing. There be dragons on that path, and scary rejection letters but I intend to gird my loins and do battle with them both.

So that’s it. I promise to torture you no more on this subject and life here at my blog will get back to normal.

Quick update of where things currently stand?

Lucinda’s second book will come out this month. I am editing Postcards from a Stranger like a demon and I’m doing some messing about with Facebook platforms so no doubt I’ll tell you all about that soon.

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