I feel a rant coming on. I try not to rant in general and in my blog in particular. You haven’t done me the not inconsiderable courtesy of logging on to have me witter on about something that has got my goat. But today I am cross so I am indulging myself. If you don’t want to witness it then look away now.

Parenting is really hard. We all do it differently and yet we all believe that the way we are bringing up our children is both the best that we can do and the best method generally. From time to time, we might suggest to very close friends in carefully chosen terms that there might possibly be another way of skinning the proverbial cat. But in the main, whilst we are happy to criticise the way that other people (who we do not know personally) are acting, our own actions are not in open season for any passing adult to comment on.

So imagine my surprise when a total stranger took it upon themselves to question a parenting decision that my husband and I had discussed at length and are at one on. It’s nothing serious and I won’t bore you with the details – I know you are dying to hear all about it but general terms will just have to do here.

The stranger, who is connected to me through our children, suggested that our decision was risible. They made me feel like some strange fanatical mad woman as if I were suggesting that my children should only eat beansprouts or wear purple. And when I stuck to my guns and said that this was an important issue to us and that we didn’t want it interfering with, she almost laughed at me.

I know I have some ideas that may appear odd to others and that I am uptight about stuff that may seem peculiar but I am consistent in my oddness. My decisions are carefully considered and generally have a high degree of reasoning behind them. To put it frankly, they are our children and it is our responsibility to make decisions about their upbringing. Others may not agree with me but it is not for them to ridicule those decisions or place me in a position where I feel I am having to defend what I believe to a stranger.

Needless to say I will put fail safes in place to ensure that our considered view is protected in the face of attack. But I object to the fact that I feel I need to do so. If I want advice on parenting I will ask for it from people whose opinions I trust and value. Anyone else can keep their thoughts to themselves.

Rant over. Thank you for your tolerance. Normal service will resume shortly.