It’s official. My life is dull. Interesting things rarely happen to me – not things worthy of mention here anyway. And what has drawn me to this inevitable and slightly depressing conclusion? I am in danger of repeating myself. Not in day to day conversation (although I am sure that happens often enough) but here on my blog. Conscious that I hadn’t had much to say for a few days, I started to give thought to what I might like to wax lyrical about. “What exciting, thought provoking or just mildly humorous events can I comment upon?” I wondered.

And here is the problem. It’s the build up to Christmas so there should be lots to say. But all the subjects that I thought might make jolly little postings were already covered last Christmas. I have stolen all my best material. What if I started to repeat myself? Would anyone notice? Who knows? Who knows who is reading or whether they have read all 117 postings? And more importantly whether they would realise if I started recovering old ground? Perhaps I should conduct an experiment and see if I get any comments? Actually, if I post this then I have rather shot that plan in the foot.

So I hope you, my reading public whoever you are, will bear with me in this fallow little period whilst I think of new ways of covering well trodden paths or perhaps even come up with something entirely new. I better had or I will be totally stuffed by the time next Christmas comes around. And even as I type some new ideas occur to me that might be worthy of consideration. I will go and reread last year’s Christmas musings and see where I should go next. A bientot.