Frosty mornings

Image shows a sheep in a frosty field

I like to get away from my desk on mornings like this, just for half an hour or so. I listen to podcasts as I walk along and come back refreshed and ready to go.

I generally find some company.

Sharpening the Saw

I’m in Wells to edit and yet first thing this morning I’m out walking. Not editing.

I said to a friend that I was as procrastinating and they said no, I was just sharpening the saw.

I love this. 💛

New blog post!!

Hello! I’ve just written a blog post about what gave me the idea for In a Single Moment so click on Blog above if you’re curious.

I’m always curious. Or should that be nosy? Occupational hazard!

Editing – yuk!

Image shows a computer with a file open on it and a desk with a notebook and a bottle of water.
It has to be done and it makes such a difference to the final book, but I really don’t like editing. It’s overwhelming and yet dull at the same time.

But I’m on a deadline (even though it’s Christmas) and I have to finish it!

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