Festive Weather …. not.

Image shows fields and a grey sky.

I know it’s England and Yorkshire and all that … but it would it kill the weather gods to pull something festive out of the bag?!

Currently it’s grey, dank, windy, warm and really not at all Christmassy!

Something to make you smile

I saw this sign when I was in Wells this week. It made me smile so I had to buy it.

A great rule to live by, I thought.

Beside the seaside.

Image shows a beach with the tide out and a coffee cup.
My favourite place is by water. It doesn’t have to be the sea. I’m not fussy. Rivers and lakes work just as well. Even canals at a push!

But today I’m on the beach and it’s lovely.

It’s beginning to look…

Photo shows a Christmas tree with lit fairy lights.
The Christmas tree used to be a family affair. We’d chose it together and then decorate it as a team effort.

Now the children have all gone and I have to do it myself ready for when they fly back just before the big day. I’m trying to think of that not as sad, just different.

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