First snow!

Picture shows snow on a garden patio.
It’s snowed overnight. The first of the new winter.

I have a complicated relationship with snow. I love it when I’m in the mood (or I’m skiing) but I really don’t like getting cold. Maybe I need a better coat!

A chocolate biscuit. . .

Photo shows a coffee sip and a chocolate biscuit on a desk.
I’ve been racing about so much recently that it’s actually lovely to spend some time in my office.

I have my home made latte (no art. It’s more of a cappuccino really!) And my favourite biscuit and all’s right with the world.


I could spend hours looking at hieroglyphics. I love all the birds. And this little chap.

I wish I could read them. Even if I learned them all they aren’t spelling out English words!

A change of view

Image shows Imogen and the sphinx.
I have left Yorkshire again.

This time it is to fulfil one of my life’s ambitions- to visit Egypt. So far so incredible!

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