I haven’t written anything here for ages. I would love to say that that’s because my life is so busy with other writing and to a degree that’s true. There’s always something that needs exporting from brain to page. But actually if I’m totally honest my relative silence has another cause. I haven’t got much to say. Over the years I’ve covered pre Christmas stress and post Christmas analysis. I’ve done diary keeping and New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve done Santa and presents and several posts about snow ( not that that is terribly relevant this year.)

I’ve talked about my literary ambitions until I’m sure you can think of a whole host of uncharitable things that you would like to do with my manuscripts. I’ve pontificated about parenting dilemmas ad nauseam. (This is a seemingly endless supply of inspiration but is now difficult to cover given the number of my children’s friends who drop in here from time to time. I may never mention my children by name but it’s not really difficult to work out who is who!)

Domestic drudgery had also had its moment in the spotlight. Ironing, cleaning and cooking have all had a post or two. And how many times can you read about how proud I am of my children’s extra curricular things without wanting to vomit?! School is also a banned subject now that I’m a governor.

And they you have it. My life in a nut shell and the grim realisation that it’s really rather dull. Not much changes and if it has happened to me once in the four and a half years that I’ve been tapping away at this blog then it’s happened a million times, been thought about, written about and had a cherry put on the top.

So from this I reach a number of conclusions :

1. It’s time to call it a day and let Imogen Clark at Home pass away quietly and with dignity.
2. I need to revitalise my life with a whole range of new things that I can witter on about.
3. I need to start making it up.

I need to give the matter some thought over the coming months as my  reader figures have taken a significant tumble as there’s nothing new for them to read. I am tempted to have a go at publishing a book chapter by chapter a la Dickens. This might be fun and also scary at the same time which is supposed to be good for one’s soul. It is one of those things though that once started must be seen through to the end.

Whatever I decide, I will begin (or stop) in the New Year so if you, as a loyal reader, have any views please comment either here on the blog or on the facebook page. And in the meantime I’ll continue to mull things over.