Progress is being made.

Notwithstanding my slightly pedestrian approach to all things technological, I have managed single-handedly (I think) to get to publication with my book. Huge round of applause and a stiff drink for the woman typing frantically in the corner.

So, as far as I understand the situation, the paper mock up is being printed as we speak and will be winging its way to me for approval during the course of next week. At the same time, the digital version is sauntering down the virtual corridors of Kindleland and should be ready to go even sooner.

And how does it feel to be a nearly published writer? Truthfully? Odd. The pragmatic side of me is well aware that the chances of anyone who doesn’t already know me buying the book are extraordinary small. I am highly unlikely to become the next Jacqueline Wilson or Louise Rennison and I’m not banking on retiring to the sun on my royalties. The whole enterprise is also tainted by my crippling fear of vanity publishing and making myself look arrogant or foolish or quite possibly both.

But somewhere, deep inside I’m also really excited. Very soon, anyone in the world will be able to buy a book by me….well…. by Lucinda Fox, my literary alter ego and purveyor of fine novels for pre-teen and teenage girls. That is a pretty cool feeling.

So watch this space. Soon there will be a website and a Facebook page and my mate Lucinda might even start tweeting. If you want to download Mummy’s Girl when it goes live (at a very reasonable 99p) then please do. I think the paperback will be £5.99. And if you or someone you know actually reads it, please get them to leave a review on amazon – a real one that actually reflects your view. Five stars always look very suspicious to me!

Thank you all for your unfailing support. It means so much. Were it not for the encouragement that you give me, I’m not sure I would ever have found the nerve to come this far.

Imogen x