My book has arrived! It’s taken almost a month to sort it all out but I now have a paperback book, a kindle version, stickers and even decals for my car.

I’ve spent weeks planning what I would do when I was finally ready to go, working out plans of campaign in a state of dizzy excitement. But now that the day has finally arrived……well, quite frankly I feel sick. Suddenly all the pushing and thrusting and marketing that had seemed so simple in the abstract feels like mission impossible. The temptation to slide the whole lot quietly into a drawer and forget all about it is almost overwhelming.

But I’ve come this far. I owe it to myself to shake off my terror and press on. Sometimes the right path is the one that twists and turns through the dark woods….

So, (deep breath) may I introduce you to Lucinda Fox. She writes stories for teenage girls (and boys who might want to know how teenage girls think.) Her new book, Mummy’s Girl is available on Amazon as either a paperback or a download by clicking here and if you’re really lucky she’ll sign your copy for you and give you a cool sticker or two to put on your planner/bag/lunchbox.

Wish me luck….

Imogen x