‘Who can tell me what happened on 20th July 1969? 
Yes. That’s right. America first landed on the moon. And who knows who took the first step? 
Right again. That was Neil Armstrong, all American hero. And if you were to say that in a million classrooms around the world you would get a gold star. But here we know different don’t we? We know that the moon landings were faked by NASA and the American government to con the Russians. The whole thing was a giant conspiracy. 
And how do we know that? Well, those clever boffins at NASA just weren’t quite clever enough. Why are there no stars in any of the photos? And the shadows are all wrong. It’s obvious that the shots were taken in a film studio. One of the so called moon rocks even had a props mark on it! Can you believe that?! Amateurs. And if Neil Armstrong took the first step who was there to film him? Huh?
They think they’re so smart with their fake history but I’m on to them. All I have to do is get myself out of this room and then I’ll prove it to the world.’

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