The sky above them was leaden and she wondered if it always rained at funerals. It would seem unnatural if the sun was beating down, as though the gods were laughing. Caroline was aware of mourners sobbing as they stood at the open grave but she no longer had any tears to shed. She felt nothing, just a numbness that pierced her heart like a shard of ice. She could see Sam’s mother shaking silently as she tried to control her grief. It was wrong for a mother to have to bury her child. Was it worse than finding yourself a widow at 45? Across in the distance she could still see Kyle MacAlistair. He had been standing at the gate as the cortege passed by. He looked like a ghost, his guilt gradually stealing his soul. Her brother, angry and raw had hissed,
‘Why is he here, the bastard? He has no right.’ He beat his hand on the side of the car and the chauffeur jumped. ‘I’ll get rid of him Caro. I will avenge Sam’s death. I’ll do it for you.’
Caroline quietly shook her head. There would be no need for that. Kyle was punishing himself.
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