The view took Caitlin’s breath away. The contrast between the deep blue sky and the terracotta roofs was achingly beautiful. The sunlight bounced off the white tiles of the Duomo and she fumbled for her sunglasses, still nestling in her hair after the long climb up the dark bell tower steps. Florence looked spectacular and as she drank it in Caitlin could feel the stresses of her life in England ebb away. It had been worth setting the alarm early just to get up here before the crowds she thought. She did not notice the man in the blue cap until he was standing at her elbow.
‘Well, this is a surprise,’ he said.
Caitlin looked at the man and he lifted his cap so she could see his eyes. Her heart lurched. 
‘What are you doing here?’ she whispered.
‘I’m on holiday, just like you.’
‘But here?’
‘I know! How weird is that? Of all the places…’ He smiled at her menacingly.
She started to back away from him.
Desperately she tried to think. Would the restraining order apply here in Italy?
‘Maybe it’s a coincidence?’ he continued as he stepped closer. ‘But I prefer to call it serendipity.’
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