When we were ten we went to stay at our uncle’s house. He wasn’t really our uncle, just a friend of our dad’s. The house was massive. There was a spooky damp cellar which was not for the faint-hearted. The only light came from a single bulb and you could never see right into the corners. We loved to play chase down there.
There were always loads of kids around. I think my uncle liked it noisy. He had a pool table in one of the spare rooms and a fantastic sound and lighting system. He used to DJ for us and the girls would dance in little circles.
There was one room where the girls used to play dressing up. It had a wardrobe stuffed full of flouncy dresses. I suppose the clothes must have belonged to his wife when she  still lived there. There was a huge mirror along one wall and the girls liked to put on fashion shows for us boys and my uncle. In the evening we used to watch scary films all snuggled up together on the battered sofa. 
It’s strange though. My sister’s memory of that house is quite different to mine.
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