Well this is all very exciting! My book Postcards From a Stranger appears to be taking off and I’m delighted. Readers are being very complimentary and whilst I’m sure that there will be some bad reviews before too long, there aren’t any just yet. I even have people who have marked it to read on Goodreads.

Please indulge me if I share some of the comments that readers are leaving.

“The mysteries and puzzles are set against a clear backdrop so that the reader’s energies are focused on the central theme. This skillful construction made it a book that was hard to put down. I was riveted.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed this! Great mix of characters and a storyline that kept me guessing throughout. Both laughter and tears involved in the book, with a story that had me gripped and kept me turning the pages.”

“A great novel – twists in the plot, believable characters with poignant stories and back-stories and the dysfunctional family relationships that we all have to some degree, or at least recognise.”

“It’s a cracking read, delving into family dynamics and the devastating effects that secrets and lies can have, rippling outwards and onwards.. It flows easily and keeps you engrossed and always wanting to know what happens next. I would highly recommend it and I can’t wait to see what comes next.”

I’ll stop now but there are plenty more like that so I am delighted. And if you haven’t read it yet then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

In other news, today the first draft of my next book has sailed its way down to my editor for her comments and feedback so I’m nervously awaiting that but that is giving me the perfect time to get on with plotting the one after that.  I’m also aiming to write another Lucinda book in the autumn so if you have any young teenagers who enjoy kicking around with Kitty and Lydia then tell them it won’t be too long to wait.

There’s a new Review HERE. This week’s book is 720 pages long so it’s been a bit of a marathon but it was well worth all the hours.

Next week I shall be announcing our next Book Group Read so that you have something to get your teeth stuck into over the summer. We can then talk about it when we get to September. I did think about suggesting my own book but I wasn’t quite brave enough for that!

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Happy reading.