Well this has been quite a big week. My new book Postcards From a Stranger started to sell both here and in the States. Not only that but as I write this I have six ★★★★★ reviews. All of them share one theme – “I couldn’t put it down”.

Obviously I’m delighted that I seem to be having such a good start although I’m sure there will be some less encouraging reviews in due course. That’s part of the journey of being a writer and why it was important that I read the book that I have reviewed this week! Check it out HERE.

Also, have you noticed my new, cute little hippo badge? That’s because I was featured last week on Book Hippo, a book recommendation site. You can check that out HERE if you’re interested although the offers may now have expired. I can thoroughly recommend BookHippo if you have difficulty trying to decide what to read next ( when you’ve finished my book that is!)

So now I’m working like a demon to get my next book ready to go to my Editor‘s next month but it’s all great fun and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

If you’ve finished any of the Book Group Books then it’s never too late to pop over to the FORUM and add your comments to the discussion. I’m considering making Postcards the summer read! What do you reckon?!

Happy reading.

Imogen x